We teach that Ballroom Dancing elements are interconnected with most of the Ballroom Dances. Therefore if a student learns the basic elements their dancing becomes relaxed, natural and fun. We strive to avoid teaching dance by memorizing steps, figures and routines. We teach that, in most dances, lead and follow have five basic and equal responsibilities

  1. The leads job is to set the rhythm. The follows job is to keep the rhythm set by the lead
  2. The leads job is set a frame for the follow and make her look good. The follows job is to look as good as possible. The lead is the frame and the follow is the picture in the frame. It's magic
  3. The lead never dances for himself. Rather the lead actually dances through the follows feet. The leads mind should be constantly visualizing where the follows feet are and how well the follows body is expressing the character of the dance. The lead, leads with his whole body giving the follow gentle pressures at critical points so that the follow may dance to the feel of the music. The leads joy in dancing comes from leading skilful and creative figures that the follow demonstrates
  4. The lead is always supportive and confident to the follow. The follow is always supportive and confident to the lead
  5. The lead never surrenders the lead to the follow. The follow might sometimes "back-lead" to help the lead through a difficult step but never seizes control of the lead. In fact it is the leads responsibility to make sure that the lead is not seized. One form of the follow seizing the lead is if the follow anticipates the lead and begins to dance ahead of the lead


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